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I Need A WORD Podcast

Sep 19, 2019

Hard times reveal your true character. This is the time you also know the real character of the people in your life. Sometimes, the Lord would let you walk with some people to show you who not to be. When the real character of the people in your life begins to show, do not be petty. Being petty does not give God glory. Rather, bless and pray for them. Therein lies your own character development.

In this podcast episode, Quonda Renee talks about

  1. The types of people in your life ( the assigned and the attached)
  2. Getting into the presence of God
  3. Test of your character
  4. How to know when you're ready for the next level
  5. How God develops character
  6. Heart Check of your relationships
  7. Accountability for how you treat people